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History In Canada

Omega Psi Phi Canadian History

Sigma Chapter was organized at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec on December 15, 1923. Brother Walter R. Dunston, ex-basileus of Phi Chapter, with the assistance of Brother George W. Brown, known to all Howard men for his prowess as an athlete and his ability as a debater, set up the Fraternity’s first International Chapter in Canada.

The problem was by no means an easy one as most of the men knew little or nothing of fraternities. Initially there was opposition, but this soon disappeared and the chapter assumed its rightful position as an influential power in the life of the community.

Remembering always that Omega men “do things;” each brother pledged himself to take part in some branch of extra-curricular activities. The result was that Brother Brown represented his faculty in the inter-faculty debate and was later chosen for the university debating team to represent McGill against Dalhousie and Queen’s University. Many of the brothers became members of “Mock Parliament” and valiantly defended their respective parties. Brother Dunston made the indoor track team and was asked to run for the outdoor track team.

In March 1924, Sigma chapter made its first appearance before the Montreal public in the form of a very successful “Young Memorial Service” held in the church of the Rev. Brother Charles Este. On this occasion the mayor of the city was invited as principal speaker, but was prevented by pressing political engagements in connection with the approaching elections.

In May 1924, Sigma chapter consisted of thirteen carefully chosen men:

Brother C.E.S. Bailey
Brother B. B. Beckford
Brother G.W. Brown
Brother Dillon Burnett
Brother Dr. E. Melville DuPorte, M.A. – Entomology Lecturer, McDonald College, McGill University
Brother W.R. Dunston
Brother Rev. Charles Este – Pastor, First Congregational Church
Brother Alfred P. McDonald
Brother L.N.L. Stewart
Brother St. Elmo E. Taylor
Brother Dr. S.T. Wills, M.D. – Graduate of Edinburgh

Even though Sigma chapter pledged to keep the sacred light of Omega Psi Phi burning brightly beneath the cold clear light of Canadian stars, the chapter went inactive and was moved to Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan.

A letter from Brother Kweku Winful depicting the need for the traditions of Omega to return to the shores of Canada led to the re-establishment of our presence in the Nation. Nu Gamma Gamma chapter was transferred and reactivated in Ottawa, Canada in January 2008.

In February 2008, we also established an undergraduate presence and were privileged to initiate eight young men from Carleton
University. These young men entered Omega through Nu Gamma Gamma Chapter. The initiation took place in Toronto, Canada, and we were blessed to have brothers from Texas (9th District), Washington State (12th District), Buffalo, NY (2nd District) and brothers from the 13th District present.

This Charter Line of Nu Gamma Gamma was known as the OMEstad 8 and included: 

Stefan Oliver Keyes “Cinque”
Stephane Bonaparte Auguste “Time Bomb”
Kweku Tawiah Winful “Prince HaQUEem”
Michael Sakyi “Mandingo”
Bichoux St.Juste “QUEtube”
Clement Mugisha Ndegeya “I am Legend”
Delon Young “Predator”
Brian Crooks “NO I.D.”

At a Supreme Council meeting on June 7, 2008, a charter was approved for an undergraduate chapter at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Alpha Delta Xi Chapter was the name given and it was the Fraternity’s 1st International Undergraduate Chapter.

During the spring season of 2009, the brothers of the “3 Souls of Strife” line were also initiated into the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. by way of the Alpha Delta Xi chapter:

Prince Afram
Christopher Infantry
Marc Proctor

The following fall season commenced with the initiation of the brothers of the “Law & Order” line into the Omega Psi Fraternity, Inc. by way of the Nu Gamma Gamma chapter:

Phillip Sutherland
Raymond Tyghter

The brothers of “The Return of Fibonacci” line were initiated into the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. by way of the Alpha Delta Xi chapter:

Kenneth Wiafe
Aidan Sykes
MacAndrew Clarke
Kevin Williams
On March 10, 2010 the Lambda Mu Mu Chapter was chartered in Toronto Ontario, Canada. The chartered members were:

Alfred Bazemore
Torrance Chism
Jonathan Griffin
Clarence Irons
Derrick Shoemaker
Phillip Sutherland
Raymond Tyghter
Kweku Winful

Lambda Mu Mu Chapter is the first chartered Graduate chapter in Canada for Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. The first Chapter Officers were as follows:

Basileus – Brother Kweku Winful
Vice Basileus – Brother Phillip Sutherland
Keeper of Records and Seals – Derrick Dudley
Keeper of Finance – Brother Raymond Tyghter
Keeper of Peace – Brother Richard Brooks

Brother Phillip Sutherland was also appointed as the Thirteenth District Counselor.
During the spring season of 2012, the brothers of the “2D4C” line were also initiated into the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. by way of the Alpha Delta Xi chapter:

Taty Milonga
Simbarashe Chirisa
Mykell Reifer
Ibrahim Bukenya
During the spring season of 2014, the brothers of the “Quiet Storm” line were also initiated into the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. by way of the Lambda Mu Mu chapter:

Najim Olagiwa
Shaquille Green
Jonathan Battick